Thomas W. Jacobsen      New Orleans Notes


Buddy Bolden's home, 2309 First Street. It is a "double shotgun" style dwelling, with Bolden's residence at the right. Photo taken in 1995, well before it was acquired by St. Stephen Church. McCusker: " Architectural detailing has been stripped off the house since it was acquired by the church and emptied."

The Ella and Louis Tribute Band, March, 2014.

The Ella and Louis Tribute Band, March, 2014.

Eileina Dennis, March, 2014

Courtney Bryan (right foreground) at a program honoring Kidd Jordan and NOCCA., 2014.

Rebirth BB at Atomic Cowboy, St Louis, September 23, 2016



Pete Fountain at French Quarter Festival, April, 2008.

Pete Fountain at Jazz Fest (his last), 2013.

The New Orleans Jazz Vipers at Blues City Deli, St. Louis, July 23

Make NOJO Pay, June 21, 2016

Make NOJO Pay, June 21, 2016

Make NOJO Pay, June 21, 2016

The late Joe Temperley at Jazz Fest, April 2009.

The Melissa Aldana Trio at the Jazz Bistro, April 27, 2016.

The Dave Dickey Big Band at the Jazz Bistro, St. Louis, April 24, 2016

Clark Terry, in his early 80s, is seen here with Nellie Cheatham (Doc's wife) at Jazz Fest 2001. "I've got to say something," he said, " the golden years suck."

Mural honoring the late Clark Terry in St. Louis. Dedicated April 2, 2016.

David Baker made numerous appearances in New Orleans. This was his last, a lecture at Loyola University in September 2011.

Helen Arlt and George Schmidt tripping the light fantastic to the music of the New Leviathan Foxtrot Orchestra in autumn, 1996.

Danilo Perez Quartet at the Sheldon, St. Louis, February 27, 2016.

Danilo Perez with the Wayne Shorter Quartet at Jazz Fest, New Orleans, May, 2007.

Vibraphonist Warren Wolf and the Wolfpack at Jazz Bistro, January 20, 2016

Warren Wolf at Jazz Bistro

Vidar Svarva at the Palm Court Cafe, September 25, 2011.

Frank Catalano Quartet at Saxquest, St. Louis. November 15, 2015.

Frank Catalano at Saxquest, St. Louis.

Charlie Halloran (right front) at Joe's in St. Louis, November 5, 2015.

Banu Gibson and friends salute Randy Newman at the Sheldon in St. Louis, October 25, 2015.

Dave Bennett performs with solid local trio for the St. Louis Jazz Club, October 11, 2015.

Clarinetist Dave Bennett in St. Louis.

Joe Torregano in recording studio, July 2012. He was listening to a playback of his work, and his brother pianist Michael Torregano is in the background.

The Metta Quintet, St. Louis, September 29, 2015.

Crowd gathering on 3rd Street, Alton, for unveiling of Davis statue. September 12, 2015. Statue not visible at the left of the picture.

Miles Davis statue.

Miles Davis statue.

St. Louis trumpeter Kasimu Taylor Quartet playing the music of Miles Davis.

Gateway Festival: Cornet Chop Suey

The Funky Butt Brass Band, a New Orleans sound in St. Louis

Stephanie Trick and Paolo Alderighi, September 7, 2015

Paolo and Stephanie at the Gateway Fest, St. Louis

The Jazz St. Louis Big Band performs a "Basie Birthday Bash" at the Jazz Bistro, August 21.

Tom McDermott at Joe's Cafe, St. Louis. August 6, 2015.

Tom McDermott at the Tavern of the Fine Arts, St. Louis. August 7, 2015

John Hasse at the Jazz Bistro, St. Louis, July 23, 2015

Jazz St. Louis Big Band at the Jazz Bistro, July 23, 2015

Terence Blanchard and E-Collective at the Jazz Bistro, St. Louis, June 10, 2015

Terence Blanchard at the Jazz Bistro. Bassist Don Ramsey in background.

Blue Note president Don Was at Jazz Fest, 2014.

Nellie Cheatham and Clark Terry at Jazzfest, 2001.

Mardi Gras in snowy St. Louis.

The Lincoln Center Group's front line, from left: Victor Goines, Terell Stafford and Chris Crenshaw. At the Jazz Bistro, St. Louis, January 17, 2015.

A pensive Victor Goines.

Victor Goines playing my favorite instrument. That's bassist Jamal Weeks to his left and Alvin Atkinson on drums.

The Al Belletto Big Jazz Band performing at the Belletto Memorial, New Orleans Musicians' Union Hall, January 3, 2015. Photo courtesy of Eddie Bayard.

Belletto memorial. Leif Pedersen fronts the Belletto band. (Pedersen often subbed for Al during periods of illness.)

The Tom McDermott Trio at my book signing at the
Norwegian Seamen's Church, October 26, 2014.
James Singleton, bass, and Tim Laughlin, clarinet.

The late trumpeter Herb Tassin seen here performing at the Norwegian Seamen's Church with the late Steve Blailock's trio, May 2006. That's Jerry Adams on bass, and the vocalist is Dorothy Doring.

Book signing at the Palm Court Jazz Cafe, October 23.

Jacobsen signing books at the Louisiana Music Factory, October 25.

Nickel-A-Dance, October 26. The Palm Court Jazz Band at the Maison.

Mark Samuels opens the program featuring the film "Jazz Dreams II," August 7. The banner promoting the Armstrong Summer Jazz Camp directed by Kidd Jordan draws attention, along with NOCCA, to jazz education in New Orleans.

Jazz Dreams II panel, left-right: Jonathan Bloom, Kidd Jordan (standing), Geoffrey Poister, Irvin Mayfield and Courtney Bryan.

Wycliff Gordon playing his favorite horn at SatchFest, August 3. That's Fred Kasten at the right.

Wycliff Gordon playing trumpet, as on his new tribute album to Louis Armstrong.

Carl LeBlanc doing is original version of "West End Blues"--with lyrics--on solo guitar. Very nice! August 3.

LeBlanc's band: LeBlanc, guitar, vocals; Bruce Brackman, clarinet; Kevin Lewis, trumpet; Lucien Barbarin, trombone; Ernie Elly, drums; and Chris Severin, bass.

Steve Pistorius and his Southern Syncopators: Charlie Fardella, trumpet; Orange Kellin, clarinet; Don Vappie, banjo; Pistorius, piano; Charlie Halloran, trombone; Tom Saunders, bass; and Ernie Elly, drums.

The Michael White Quartet at ClarinetFest, August 2.

Michael White at ClarinetFest 2014, August 2.

The Reinaldo Lima Quartet at ClarinetFest, August 2.

The Reinaldo Lima Quartet at ClarinetFest, August 2.

Evan Christopher, Greg Agid and Reinaldo Lima jamming in the exhibits hall at ClarinetFest 2014, July 31.

Lionel Ferbos's last gig: Nickel-A-Dance at the Maison, March 30, 2014, at the age of 102.

Music at the Ferbos wake, August 1.

Lionel Ferbos will always be remembered.

A portrait of Lionel Ferbos using his favorite dark-roast coffee by Leah Labat, Lionel's great-granddaughter.

Evan Christopher at ClarinetFest 2014, July 31. The bassist is John Previti.

Greg Agid at ClarinetFest.

Harry Skoler at ClarinetFest.

Felix Peikli at ClarinetFest.

Allan Vache performs in concert at ClarinetFest in Baton Rouge, July 30.

Baton Rouge (LSU), July 30: Vache leads master class.

Baton Rouge (LSU), July 30: Vache listens to student performers in master class.

Lionel Ferbos at the ground-breaking ceremony of the New Orleans Jazz Market, February 25, 2014. He passed away less than five months later at the age of 103.

Elaine, Connie and Pete Fountain at the Windsor Court.

Tim Laughlin with David Boeddinghaus and Bryan Barberot.

Elaine and Connie dance to the music of the Laughlin Trio.

Meghan Swartz at the Old Mint, July 9.

Trumpeter Dave Boswell leads the Royal Roses at the Maison, June 30.

John Parker's New Orleans Jazz Band at Tulane, June 26. L-R: Rick Trolsen, Eddie Bayard, Tom Fischer, Parker, and Tom Saunders.

John Parker's Jazz Band players for second liners at Tulane.

The Trad Jazz Camp scholarship students' jazz band at Buffa's, June 23.

The Jazz Camp scholarship band and Ellen McCusker at Buffa's.

Aurora Nealand and Tom McDermott at Buffa's, June 19, 2014.

Neti Vaan and Aurora Nealand at Buffa's.

J. B. Scott, Lisa Kelly and Aurora Nealand at Buffa's.

J. B. Scott, Aurora Nealand and Tom McDermott at Buffa's.

Irvin Mayfield joins NOJO's trumpet section for a solo.

Trombonist Michael Watson solos for NOJO.

Rex Gregory solos with NOJO. That's Greg Agid next to him and Khari Lee to Agid's left.

String Remedy at the Church Alley Coffee Bar on Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard.

Morten Gunnar Larsen with the Ophelia Orchestra at the Norwegian Seamen's Chuch, June 6, 2014.

The Ophelia Orchestra at the Norwegian Seamen's Church.

Jayne Morgan sings with her band at the Spotted Cat, June 3.

Teenage trombone whiz Jeffrey Miller at Snug Harbor, June 3.

Jeffrey Miller at Snug Harbor. His voice is still a bit immature.

Jeffrey Miller, John Michael Bradford and Morgan Garrett at Snug Harbor.

Warren Battiste after our interview, May 26, 2014.

Guitar Extravaganza at Snug Harbor, May 24. From left: Warren Battiste, Detroit Brooks, and Walter "Wolfman" Washington.

88-year-old guitarist Warren Battiste.

Guitarist Walter "Wolfman" Washington.

Guitarist Detroit Brooks, with Ricky Sebastian to the right and Chris Severin in the background.

The southern half of Bayou Boogaloo and Bayou St. John, looking south. The city center is in the distance to the left.

A Bayou St. John landmark is this tree, damaged by lightning during Katrina, which has been turned into a wonderful objet d'art by sculptor Marlin Miller.

Trumpeter (here with flugelhorn) Kid Merv (Campbell) led a quintet playing music from his latest CD, "Body and Soul."

Cellist Helen Gillet and bassist James Singleton put together an exciting program of electronic improvisational music.

Bassist Chris Severin put together this group with guitarist/banjoist Carl LeBlanc, drummer Herman Jackson and featuring Davell Crawford on organ and keyboards.

The Crescent City Joymakers at the Palm Court Cafe, May 15. L-R: Megan Swartz, Otis Bazoon, Mitch Player, Leroy Jones, Herman Lebeaux and Katja Toivola.

The Orleans Five at the Spotted Cat.

The Uptown Jazz Orchestra at Snug Harbor.

Young Fellaz Brass Band at their usual location on the corner of Frenchmen and Chartres.

Warren Battiste with pianist Rhodes Spedale, drummer Trent Bower and bassist Carol Stuckey at the Louisiana Music Factory.

Warren Battiste at the Louisiana Music Factory, May 10.

Lucien Barbarin leads the band at the Palm Court Cafe on Sunday, May 4. L-R: Butch Thompson, Tom Fischer, Mark Brooks, Sammy Rimington, Mark Braud, Raymond Weber, and Barbarin.

Nina Buck helps Don Marquis celebrate his 81st birthday at the Palm Court.

Tricia Boutte, in town for JazzFest, performed at First Grace Methodist Church on their "Jazz Fest Sunday," May 4. Paul Longstreth accompanies her on piano.

Don Was (left) being interviewed by Scott Aiges at the SyncUp conference, May 2.

The Historic Carver Theater, at the corner of Orleans Avenue and N. Johnson St., celebrates it grand (re)opening. April 30, 2014

Carver Theater, L-R: Tonya and Lillian Boutte, Chris Severin, Marlon Jordan, James Andrews, and Detroit Brooks.

Louisiana Music Factory, L-R: Jesse McBride, Andrew Baham, Oliver Bonie and Matin Masakowski. Drummer Nick Hughes is obscured.

Harold Battiste admiring his Jazz Hero award at the Prime Example.

Prime Example, L-R: Jesse McBride, unidentified bassist and drummer, trumpeter John Michael Bradford, and bassist Martin Masakowski.

Trumpeter Marla Dixon led the Shotgun Jazz Band. Along with her are Ben Polcer, piano; Charlie Halloran, trombone; James Evans, clarinet; and John Dixon, banjo.

The New Wave Brass Band.

Tommy Sancton led his N. O. Legacy Band. Here he's seen with Lars Edegran, piano; Kerry Lewis, bass; and Jason Marsalis, drums.

The Treme Brass Band attracted a huge throng in the Economy Hall Tent.

Veteran saxophonist James Rivers blew his bagpipes as well.

Trumpeter Jeremy Davenport appeared with his quintet. Here he's seen with bassist Jesse Boyd and drummer Troy Davis.

Banjoist/guitarist/vocalist Don Vappie and his Creole Jazz Serenaders were one of my favorite acts. That's Mike Esneault on piano.

Irvin Mayfield, Bill Summers and Los Hombres Calientes.

Bob Wilber was a featured performer in the Economy Hall Tent. Here he's seen with his wife Pug Horton, Don Vappie and Wendell Brunious.

Brazil was the featured country this year, and New Orleans' Ricardo Crespo and Sol Brasil were among the acts.

The Dukes of Dixieland. L-R: Joe Kennedy, Ryan Burrage, Kevin Clark and Richard Scott.

The Branford Marsalis Quartet. L-R: Joey Calderazzo, Eric Revis, Marsalis, Justin Faulkner.

Lew Soloff performs with UNO students, from left to right: Gregg Molinario, Miles Berry and Glenn Hall. The bassist is Trey Boudreaux.

Lew Soloff at the Sandbar, April 23.

Steve Pistorius, left, is interviewed by Fred Kasten at the Old Mint. April 18.

Steve Pistorius plays one of his favorite Jelly Roll Morton compositions, "The Pearls," at the Old Mint.

The Young Fellaz Brass Band playing outside Cafe Brasil on Frenchmen Street late last year. The band has been the cause of much controversy in the neighborhood. (See note on News page.)

The core of the World War II Museum's Victory Big Band, a fine 17-piece outfit, appeared at FQF, April 10.

Rex Gregory solos with the Victory Big Band.

Tenor saxophonist Clarence Johnson III solos with the Victory Big Band.

Bonerama performs at FQF, April 10.

Aurora Nealand and her Royal Roses "vintage" jazz band at FQF, April 11.

Aurora Nealand is a wonderful woodwind player

Don Vappie and his Creole Jazz Serenaders put on an expectably fine show at FQF, April 11.

Vocalist Sasha Masakowski performs with her group at FQF, April 11.

Martin Masakowski, son of Steve Masakowski, plays bass for his sister's group at FQF.

Saxophonist Tia Fuller, center, performs with Tulane student band, April 10.

Tia Fuller at Tulane, April 10.

The Ignatius Saxophone Quartet. L-R: Ray Moore, John Reeks, Jason Mingledorff and Tony Dagradi.

Lionel Ferbos and the Palm Court Jazz Band at the Maison, March 30. L-R: Kerry Lewis, Brian O'Connell, Seva Venet, Ferbos, Ernie Elly, Jamie Wight, and Wendell Eugene.

Evan Christopher being interviewed by Fred Kasten at the Old Mint.

Gregg Stafford solos with Detroit Brooks (left) and his Syncopated Percolators at the Maison, March 23.

The Pfister Sisters--Holley Bendtsen, Debbie Davis and Yvette Voelker--at the Spotted Cat, March 23..

Paquito critiques a grad student clarinetist.

Paquito guides the Loyola student wind ensemble through one of his compositions.

Greg Agid out front, with Michael White, Evan Christopher, Paquito and Alex Brown, playing the blues.

Worshipers await the arrival of the casket after the Derrick Magee funeral.